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If I like to import goods on commercial basis from china to Germany and than re-export from germany to any other part of the world is it possible. I can arrange COO certificate from China for importing and also does not need any certificate from germany (may be re-export certifate can be required).

Good day, Farukh.

Yes.  It is possible to import products from China into Germany, and then re-export them from Germany to another part of the world.  This is something I would not really recommend, however.  Yes, a re-export certificate will be required, as well as some other paperwork to recuperate the amounts you paid in duty upon entry of the product into Germany.

The main reason I do not recommend importing and exporting in this manner is simply for the cost.  Depending on what you are shipping, it can be the case where the cost to recover your duty may be more than you originally paid in duty.

One option you have, though, is by working through a forwarder who has the ability to hold the items in a specially bonded facility.  It all depends on what you plan on shipping.

If you would like, send an e-mail to info@machineimports.com with the details of what you are looking to ship, and why you would re-export, and we can take a better look at what your requirements are and could also possibly be.  This is something which would have to be customized to your business needs.

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Steve Van Duzen

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