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USB Cable
USB Cable  

My mane is William & I have been working on a project of about 8 months now.  We will be importing USB cables from China.  We have specified the product we want and have receieved multiple samples of the product.  We are getting closer to placing our first order and want to verify that the factory does indeed exist and that the compnay is legitimate.  We will be sending a sizable deposit and will need to check eveything out before we do.  You seem very knowledgable on the topic and was wondering if we could not hire you or your company to supply these services to us?  If at the very least, please point us in the right direction, it is difficult to determine which sourcing companies will provide excellent service.


Absolutely. Please start a new question and this time check the box to make it PRIVATE, and I will reply with my contact information. To speed things up please also let me know the name and contact details of the vendor you've been dealing with so that I can get the process started.  I'm actually leaving for China in 18 hours.  Thanks, Hank

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