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QUESTION: Dear East sourcing,
I live in the U.K, I'm 21 years old of age. trying to start a online business selling Garden supplies, such as Hedge trimmers, grass cutters EST. I have found a manufacturer in china through the website Alibaba.com. The company has outlined which of its products are CE approved. As mentioned it is a new business and I don't have the money to place a large order at the moment. Even if I could I would prefer a smaller one first as a trial run. After they send me a sample unit through DHL, I would like to order 10 units, my question is regarding delivery of the 10 units and payment. What is the best way for them to deliver the products ?, is it worth the investment if I am only receiving 10 units ? And how much roughly would delivery cost if I order the 10 units, each box weighing around 12kg and dimensions of (description said "working pole carton", I'm guessing that the size of each box" - 1510x110x110mm), how can I send them payment? shall I send them the full amount through western union before the goods arrive, or shall I send them a deposit first ?
I'm sorry for too many questions on one mail, I just want reduce the mistakes I may make, as this is my first time importing anything.

Look forward to your advise,
Daniel Sarwar

ANSWER: Dear Daniel Sarwar,

If you don't have lot funds, that the Garden supplier might is not a good business.

1. The weight and size of the garden tools always big, that the average shipping cost is really high.  To save shipping cost, you need place big order, for example, half of an container, or even one container.

2. You can use below link to check shipping cost:

3. I think you may can think about sell small size items, like electronic products:
www.FoxOffer.com  this website have some cool gadgets, they accept small orders

4. Below website will show a lot information about buying from China and small business skills:

Good luck!


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QUESTION: Dear East sourcing,
Thank you for the links, they are very useful. The shipping cost is very high, I think I will start smaller. I checked out FoxOffer.com, I sometimes get putt off buy these sites, what stops them from selling direct to the public ?, they sell single units and don't give a big discount if I bought in bulk, I checked similar products on ebay, they were being sold for roughly the same price, if not cheaper. Maybe buying straight from the manufacturer is the only way to compete with the online market ?, I could decide to stick with the garden market and just stick to smaller items for the time being such as, shovels, hoses EST.

Dear Daniel Sarwar,

As you said, the margin for electronic products is not very high. Because Internet makes the world becoming flat, the price difference is not big between China and overseas now.

To source profitable products is not easy, but wish you have good luck, there is always bigger fish!


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