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QUESTION: I would like to find some shoe manufacturers in brazil in the Sao paolo region. for them to make me a prototype. I have no connections into the brazilian market. What resources may I use?

ANSWER: Hi, Regina, thank you to contact me.

Do you speak portuguese?

My best regards,

Doracy der Magalhaes Pinto

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: no I was hoping to find someone that could be my translator if I was to for perhaps go down there.

OK. Is why I asked you.

The  shoe's town in Sao Paulo State is Franca, is more or less 5 hours drive, and good roads.

Second if you don't have connections, will be hard some company make a prototipo for you, because they don't know if worsth or not the effort.

This place have all kind  shoe's manufactures.
What kind of shoes, design shoes,work shoes what quantity, because depend this information to connect you with the right one

All this information is very important. if you make a prototipo with a company that isn't available to produce the quantity, you lost your  search.

I think the better way to go is contract someone that can takecare  about to make a prototipo with companies able to attend your necessities,and speak english and portuguese e can really help you.

How this sounds?

Doracy de Magalhaes Pinto  

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