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QUESTION: Hi Lisa, I'm sorry if I'm being redundant.  This is my first time using this forum.  I wrote yesterday and expected an automated email saying that my email was received.  I didn't receive one and so I thought I would try again.  Again, I'm sorry if I'm repeating.  

My question is regarding taking products back into the US that I purchased in Canada from the US.  I have paid duties and taxes etc. on the products.  I will be traveling across Canada with my products to sell along the way.  I will then be going back west through the US, visiting relatives and the manufacturer of the products along the way back.  Do I have to prove that the products I have were purchased and imported?  Is there any paperwork that has to be done beforehand?  I might be bringing back some more products but I suspect I will just pay taxes at the border for those.  Just concerned about the products I already have.  Any advise would be appreciated.  The products FYI are equestrian related of synthetic and leather material.  Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Carolyn,

You might want to check your spam box because I did answer your first questions about this.  Please look to see if you have more questions after you read my previous answer and then contact me with a new message under private mode so we can exchange contact info.

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QUESTION: Sorry Lisa, I didn't receive your first reply.  Would you mind sending to my email.  Thanks for your trouble.


I sent you an e-mail reminding you to read my first response. Please look for that e-mail, it should give you a link to my reply.  I'll see if I can copy and paste it back to you.


Here is my first response:

Hi Carolyn,

The products that you will have with you, are they used?  Are they new in the package?  If new and from the U.S. they should be labeled "Made in the U.S.A.".  My concern is for the goods you may have that are from Canada or other countries.  You may need to have a Temporary Import Bond or TIB prepared for you at the border.  If you will be purchasing any goods while here in the U.S. you will need to clear them upon re-entry into Canada as well.

If you need more assistance please start a new message to me in "Private" mode so we can exchange contact information.

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