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QUESTION: Dear Mark,

I'm a fashion designer from London, UK and I'm about to start my own clothing line. I have got in touch with few manufactures from Palestine, China etc. but I would like to avoid the "Made in China" label on every t shirt. Once, one designer told me that if you get everything from China and you add one zipper/little detail to shirts at home, in the UK, you can put the label "Made in the UK". I cannot find anything regarding that online. Also, I will be selling my clothes online (worldwide).

I would much appreciate your answer since I do not want to do something against the law. Look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,s.

ANSWER: Hi Jolene,

Sorry I was in holidays and forgot to close questions on AllExperts.

Clearly anything exported from China is required to have the label "Made in China".

You can change it to "Made in UK" simply from the belowing:
1) Your selling price must be more than double of the buying cost;
2) You need to add the value on the clothes such as your design, the packing, etc.
3) You have to change the label out of the manufacture country. Otherwise, you will have a bad headache from the both customs and then continue with lots of paper work.

Best Regards


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

No worries, I appreciate your honesty and response. Just to make sure - I CAN or CAN'T change it to "Made in UK"? I really never heard of that so I am a bit shocked (and happy)!

If I understand - I will get a tee for which I will pay $5.85/piece and sell it for (I don't know yet) 30. As per your words: "You can change it to "Made in UK" simply from the belowing: 1) Your selling price must be more than double of the buying cost;" - I can put a "Made in the UK" label??

Also, they said that they can put labels "Made in China" in one separate bag, and clothing in another bag for shipping so that I will have labels just in case (law issues etc.). Does that mean that they can sew in my "Made in the UK" labels and send me separately "Made in China" labels in one bag? Would that be against the law? If you have maybe any kind of websites/articles where I could read more about it would really appreciate.

Many thanks!(:

Hi Jolene,

I found I didn't express clear enough on the cost I meant.

For example, we can devide the total cost of the goods into two parts: a part of cost made in china let's say Part A, a part of cost outsie of china Part B.

If the chinese cost only 10 Pounds and you sell at 30, it means your profit is 20 pounds but 100% of the cost happened in China. Means you have to use made in china label.

If the chinese cost 10 Pounds and you also pay another 10 Pounds to a UK designer, or probably yourself through your company. Then the cost of the goods is now 20 pounds and Part A remains 50%. At this time, you can ask the factory to sew the Made in UK label, although you also sell it at 30 Pounds.

I think the UK custom can understand it well if you ask them the same but the problem is the chinese custom. It will be smart if you use a removeable made in china label first and then use your UK label afterwards when the goods arrive.

It will be dangeous if you use the both labels in the same package since the customs sometimes will open or even cut your package to check into. Then you know what will happen ...

Best Regards


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