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Dear East,

I'm a fashion designer from the UK and I'm about to choose a manufacturer that will provide my clothing line (China, Palestine, ...). Before I make any kind of decision, I'd kindly like to ask you for advices regarding that. I've never done that before so I want to make sure that I will be fully protected and I don't want to make any mistakes (that could cost me a lot of time and money!). Everything is online so I will have to hire an inspector to go to the production and check everything.

I am not sure what exactly to ask manufacturers and how it works. Do I have to send them a letter or is email enough to confirm everything? Do I need any kind of contract? Insurance? What to do if something goes wrong after a while (change of quality perhaps)? What if they don't ship in time - can I do anything regarding that?  How to audit factory? How to get a better offer?
How to make sure my goods has been sent on time? ...

I sincerely apologize for the amount of the questions but I'd really like to know as much as possible.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Dear Jolene,

If this is your first time to outsource the clothing manufacturing, the right place is China. Because China have better experience to work with overseas clients.

Below is our advice:

1.>  If you only know the design work but don't know the details on clothing manufacturing in factory, that you need hire someone who has such experience.  Otherwise you don't know how to describe your project clearly to factory and can not control the things well(quality, cost, time).  We suggest you hire your local people which you can talk face to face.

2.>  If you know the whole production work in clothing factory, that you could just hire some inspector to visit the factory for you to take photos, get samples, talk price, finish documents for you.

3.>  To find the right factory, firstly you need evaluate your project, how many units you will produce, and when is the deadline.  The big factory might don't like small orders, but the small factory might can not control the quality well. So you need find a right factory to fit your project.

4.>  Visit and that you can find a lot factory, send your project roughly
description to get quotes, don't send your design details if you did not locate a right one.

5.>  Ask them show you detailed quotes: include material cost, production cost, delivery cost, delivery method, delivery time, payment method (how much deposit in advance), sample cost, sample time

6.>  Talk with  and to show your project, they will give some suggestion and quote you price for inspection work.

7.>  In fact, we suggest you visit your factory before you send your deposit if your project is high cost and don't want to have any risk.

8.>  You could sign contract with the factory, but it cannot protect you very well. Normally the safe way is produce small test order firstly to avoid high risk. And pay 10% to 30% to start mass production, then check the quality before your final payment, you may need visit them to check quality or send someone you can trust  and understand the work well to check for you.

Best wishes for you!  

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