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Dear Mark,

I am about to make a first order (and it's quiet urgent) from a manufacturer in Bangladesh/China for my clothing line, based in London (UK). Before I do anything, I would need help and hopefully you can advise me somehow.
I would need to know what kind of questions do I actually have to ask them (law related)? Most concerned about payment and insurance. Do I have to sign any papers or is everything online? What would be the best option for me (startup)? I will also make an option of pre-orders on the website (if that information helps). I need to insure myself and my products so that I will be safe for any kind of (if so) damages et cetera in future. I already asked for minimum orders, samples, price of samples, delivery, and all those general questions.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hi Sam,

It's always a good test if the first time you order at the minimum, because anything could happen when you work with a new supplier.

Due to the small amount of the trial order, normally the fatory only accept the payment before delivery. It means you have the risk of non-delivery sometimes and you need to justify if they are trustable or not from your previous communications.

For regular orders, to prevent payment risk, most of the buyers use Letters of Credit from the bank. Insurance on goods can be effected by either buyer or seller, at 110% good value. But normally the insurance only covers the risks on goods instead of your payment.

To avoid other risks, you can try to appoint a local agent near the manufacturer on commission base. For most of the goods, including clothes, you can pay to the third party inspection company such as SGS to make sure the goods are made according to your requirements.

Best Regards


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