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My question is pertaining to the BOM and quoting process to determine how much our product will cost to make. I am developing a product where most of the components will be sourced from China/Asia. Right now we are expecting to do a small batch run about 10,000 the problem is if I get quotes for 10,000 the prices are still a little high. So my question is can I ask for a quote of say 100,000 units of the product to get a better price quote say for a annual purchase even though our start order will be 10,000. Is this a standard practice in the industry?

Dear Mark,

Yes, you can say a bigger quantity to get better price.
But while you place the order and they will make the invoice based on your actual quantity normally.

To get better offer, normally need compare the different sources to find the reasonable low price.
Or you prepare all the raw materiel and parts by yourself, then only hire the factory to assemble them, in this case you need good at sourcing the parts.

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