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Hello Rohit,

I am interested in starting a business in Cushion Covers. I plan to source my product from various manufacturers and artisans in India and sell them in the USA. To test the potential of the product in the given market, I would start with an order of 600 pieces and sell the same online.

I am based out of USA and understand that I do not need any import license. But there are other questions that I am seeking answers to and would appreciate you sharing your expertise on the same. 1. What are the documents I need to have for this trade? 2. Which are the right agencies I need to coordinate with? 3. Not all my suppliers in India will be licensed exporters, how should I import the batch of cushion covers that I am handpicking from various sources? 4. Do all cushion covers need tagging as per laws in the USA or can i sell them without tags? 5. Would you please advice me the best mode of freight for my goods- cargo or flight? 6. Any other details that I need to consider or be aware of?

I am just starting and I can't afford to make legal mistakes. Also considering that I am test marketing with my first lot of goods, I would want to be cost effective. Thank you in advance for your help.


Dear Vidhi.

First of all let me tell you that I only advice on policies of India on import and export. It is not possible to study the policies of so many countries of world.

For imports in USA please contact Custom House Agent / Broker in USA and take advice of him.

If you ask your suppliers to export the cushions to you in US they will manage it. you only take care for imports in US.

IF you yourself wants to buy the quantity from different suppliers in India and transport it to USA on your own, you need import export code no in India. Moreover payments for such exports should be in freely convertible foreign currency.

Transportation by ship is much cheaper then by air. It will add to your profit. But very small consignments like samples are generally transported by air.

Regarding tags, pl. check policy at your end.

Start communication with custom house agents, freight forwarders for policy and freights, customs duties,local transportation charges etc, so you can arrive at selling price after importation of your product.
Now a days freight forwarders also arrange door to door pickup from anywhere in the world. The initial small quantity import will cost you more in comparison to bigger quantity but you should start like that only.
wish you all the best.


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