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i am thinking to import swimwear and beach related clothing plus accesories like hand painted hats and bags to be sold here in the US principally in FLorida. do i need a special license, what are the limits? if its mainly going to be online sales do i need special license to operate legally? if its not a high quantity do i have to declare it? the products will be mainly made by family members in colombia and the raw materials will also be purchased there.  

Thank you for your query.  Am not sure how to respond, since your question is vague regarding quantities, type of market targeted and location.  You may want to contact the USTC and also the consulate of the country from which you are planning on buying these goods and talk to the commercial or trade attache.  You say you are looking at online sales, you may want to check out ebay and research an ebay store.  Good luck!!!!

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