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Exporting & Importing Goods/Shipping from Mexico to US


Hello, thank you for any help in advance. I'm in the process of opening a business in Las Vegas and I'm mainly going to be importing from Oaxaca Mexico. Black pottery, tin work, tapestries etc... I'm trying to find the most cost effective and time efficient method of doing so. Either it being DHL, space on a plane, bus and what the process entails as far as customs and paperwork that I need lined up before hand. Again thank you, shawn

Sounds like a terrific idea.  You may want to contact the Mexican Consulate regarding any existing policies, as well as, the US Trade Office.  An initial idea can be given to you by inquiring with DHL, Fedex or UPS, regarding costs, paperwork, need for a custom broker, etc. You ask a very general question.  Thus the answer.  Things will vary regarding the number and size of shipments, if you are going to be a retailer or a wholesaler, for example.  Thank you for your query. Good luck with your endeavor.

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