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QUESTION: I have a product in jordan olive oil added to it Vitamin A 0.00001% and Vitamin E 0.00025 ( approved from FOOD & DRUG of JORDAN ). Can import it to USA AS supplement .

ANSWER: Thank you for your query. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer. You may try the Food and Drug Administration's web page.  Also, the Trade Office or Commercial Attache at the US Consulate in Jordan.  Good luck. Apologies for not being able to furnish you with any concrete help.

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QUESTION: I am from syrea , I like to make a product of olive oil with vitamins , here in USA what is the steps to have the license ,

You may want to check the FDA website for the particulars on you product and check with the US Consulate which is closest to you, the Commercial Attache, to gather specifics.  Big chains like Swanson Vitamins, Vitamin Shoppe, Puritan's Pride, GNC, as an example, are companies you may want to approach for distribution of your product.  Good luck.

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