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Exporting & Importing Goods/Exporting Garments from Mexico into the USA


jaime wrote at 2015-05-09 15:14:29
Tell your cousin to look at I just came across this website and they have tons of Mexican products. I believe there were videos on how to import from Mexico. Anyway, this looks like a good resource for someone who wants to start their own business. It looks like its a wholesale website.

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David Hanzal


I can answer questions in all aspects of international exporting and project management of goods. This includes basics on protection from payment, format of proposals, request for quotation responses, international tender responses/implementation, project management, foriegn office support, finding the marketing route in an underdeveloped country.


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Egyptian Ministry of Defense, Saudi Royal Air Force, Saudi Royal Navy, Yemen Ministry of Education, Jordan Ministry of Education, Barbados Ministry of Education, Ethiopian Government, Kuwaiti National Guard, Saudi Ministry of Information, and a who slew of other private companies throughout the Middle East, Carribean, Asia and South America.

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