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I met this guy in fifth grade and we've been good friends ever since. This year has been really tough on me, more than the ones before, and he has supported me a lot. After confessing our love for eachother, things started to get better and we've been dating for eight months. Even though I had many bad days, I still was able to smile each of them with him at my side. I really appreciate all he does and try to show it, but he sometimes tells me I'm a bit reluctant when it comes to physical affection. I also look for excuses to tell him what he means to me. I don't want to keep waiting until it's conveinient for me to tell him how much I love him, or be the last to show physical affection. And though we are very affectionate twords eachother, I really have been trying to find the moment to kiss him. I know he cares about me a lot and likes when I touch him, but I'm worried he'd feel like I'm forcing it on him and I keep backing out by just pecking him or closing my eyes and telling him I'm tiered. Should I ask him if it's okay with him, or would that be too awkward? I'm the kind of person that beleives things like this work themselves out naturally, I guess I'm just a little anxious. Do you have any tips for me?

Hi Nikki, thx for your question. It sounds like your heart/emotions are telling you one thing but you then analyze everything to the point where you lose the emotional piece. Try and stay with your feelings/ emotions and the rest will come naturally.  Communication is key in any relationship so if you feel awkward or aren't sure about something, talking is really the best way to clear the air. If you would feel more comfortable "breaking the ice" by writing him a note or email, that is another option. Hope that helps. All the best.


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