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I have been dating and am engaged to this man for 2 and a half years. Lately our relationship has become quite stressed. We get frustrated with each other more often. I have a hard time communication with him on what I need from him, and it turns into an argument almost every time. If I get upset about something I almost always jump to anger and I have tried controlling this aspect in my life. But I havenet been very successful. COuld you please help me by giving me some tips on how to communicate with him better, and not always jump to anger during a converstaion? I would really appriciate it! Thank you so much!

Hi Brittanie, communication is key in any relationship (as you obviously are aware).  It sounds like you two have become quite "disconnected". You may find it helpful to have specific time set aside every couple of days or every night if you can manage that. The two of you can sit down and one person goes first and talks... about their day, what's on their mind, etc. The other person listens only and can speak when asked a question. Other than that their role is to listen and really listen.  No tv, no phone calls, nothing to interrupt. Then the other person gets a turn.  See how that goes. If you still find yourself bickering I would suggest you get yourselves to some couples counselling to get back on track. Hope that helps. Thx for your question.


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