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I was wondering would you please tell me: is it a fact that some people wonít talk to some body else face to face about particular things, so they weather send emails or messages?

If it is a fact, would you please explain to me in a simple way that I can understand: why is that


We are awash in technology. It's estimated that 93% of Americans now use cell phones or wireless devices. And one-third of those people are using so-called smartphones, which means the users can browse the Web and check e-mail on their phones;ther words, most of us spend our days walking around with our noses buried in our cell phones, BlackBerrys, iPhones, etc.

And while we're doing that, we're tuning out the people who are actually in the same room as us. We seem to have long ago crossed the line as to where doing this stuff is appropriate - people take calls while they're out to dinner, text or check e-mail while on a date, you name it.

Some experts say it's time to take a step back and reassess. They're reminding people that technology can be turned off, and that it's important to connect with people in person. They worry that kids won't know what it's like to share a story or actually look someone in the eyes. And that's sad.The cost is great, but the problem is that much of it is invisible. Kids today have no idea of how to interact and actually read someone's face Ė you can't do that on Facebook. They think nothing of ripping someone in an email or blogging with little or no idea of the consequences. People say things over the internet that would get them punched out in person.

For me, there still is a very fine line between actual communication that has great meaning and communication that is there because of convenience. Social networking is a great way to meet people but it is an area that creates great fuzziness and problems can arise from it, you canít see emotions and you canít see true interaction. Itís quick and easy and lazy (this is if youíre not spending long amounts of time on it). I find when you have someone that you call your friend or a possible boss, face to face or even that over the phone is the greatest measure of true communication that you can have. Granted e-mail and FB are great ways to communicate, there is a wall that inhibits oneself, in my opinion. I would much rather talk with a person in person,People just need to remember that the medium is composed of man made materials and can easily be broken, stopping all forms of inflow. That is why itís important to keep in mind the actual person behind the message and to make sure everything you put out is something necessary and would not jeopardized you as a person. In my opinion, social networking will not come close to hearing a personís voice, which is no match for body language and facial expressions.All in all, I think social networking has not only changed how we interact with others (as shown in video), it also alters the way we present ourselves (that is, we choose what information about ourselves that is being disclosed and/or revealed to others) or how things are being presented to/by us, ex. ability to upload and share things online and advertisements on social-networking sites that appeal to an individual rather than the mass. I have also come to appreciate and even miss good-old face-to-face conversation. Plus sometimes these ďconveniencesĒ are actually more time consuming and distracting. A good friend of mine (whom I have known for 15 years) and I were trying to make plans once and instead of just calling each other we texted over a long span of time to figure out what we were going to do. The phone conversation would have taken mere minutes. I have known her for so long; why couldnít I pick up the phone and call? Anyway, my point is that I think there should be balance in everything. Yes, technology is great, but as someone mentioned earlier, what if it was all gone tomorrow? I know itís unlikely, but itís something to consider.In our fast paced world, we are forced to find the quickest ways to get things done. And this is no different for communication. We donít have time to meet up with people (in some cases, even too busy for a phone call). We want to communicate when itís convenient for us, and thatís why social networks can be so beneficial.I think the basic skills of communication are not learned in social networking sites, but it does offer other options for communication. Social networking does open new possibilities that develop after face to face communication. If a person uses the personal interactions they have already developed, the online community can provide another outlet of communication between these people, creating an even bigger personal connection in this larger online community. We just canít forget to create a healthy balance between the online and face to face communication we use in order to really hone our interpersonal skills and keep these relationships strong with the actual person and not just that personís computer.

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communicating,relationships of any kind. One of the hardest things to do when you're communicating with someone is expressing yourself.Fret not I am here to give advice or and ask any questions, some people have a fear of expressing themselves at all. They're afraid to say something that might cost them a friendship. Or they bottle everything up tight and seize up at the mere thought of sharing their true emotions.Tips/advice/ 1.If you have a fear of people, people will avoid you. It's a vicious cycle. You avoid people because you fear that they will hurt you. People see your aloofness, and either think the worst (that you're stuck up), or grant your desire and leave you alone. Then you wonder why it is that no one likes you. 2.When you can't open up to people, people will feel that you are unapproachable. You'll have a hard time getting close to people when you bottle everything up inside. Your relationships will all be shallow. 3.Your inability to express yourself will haunt you in times of trouble. You'll need help, you'll want help, but you won't seek it. You'll hide. So, no one helps you. Then you grow resentful and angry. 4.Another danger is that of isolation. You build walls around your emotions and people instinctively leave you alone. That might be what you wanted at first, but your life will be barren, and empty. Life is relationships. The stronger your relationships the more joy you'll have in life. No matter if it is with your mate, God, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, relatives, or even yourself, you must learn to express yourself.How to Express Yourself More Clearly and Completely Social anxiety,shyness,low self esteem/confidence,motivation,encouragement ,how to overcome fear,how to express self;how to observe people in conversation carefully,


Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology; Words have meaning to us. Subtle differences in each word will convey a slightly different idea. Huge and gigantic have subtle differences,our actions[body language/ Words have the power to give life and death...especially in relationships. So it is important that you learn to express yourself. You must learn to convey your thoughts, ideas, dreams, ambitions, hopes and emotions to those that you share a relationship with. Your inability to do so, will damage your relationships.For years I have enjoyed helping people when it comes to any kind of communication

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