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Expressing Yourself to Others/I can't communicate with my guardian.


Im 15 and have lived without parent figures for a long time now. I am now under the care of my first cousin. She never talks to me. I try to talk to het but she will either ignore me or just give a quick response and  walk away. She never shows me any affection either. I want a close relationship with her, like a "mom."What i want is someone that will sit with me and talk sometimes, and who will give me a hug now and then. Physical affection always makes me sogl happy since I never got it from my real mom. How can I get her to talk to me? Im pretty shy and have trouble expressing deep emotions.  What can i say or do to show her I feel this way? I just really want ro spend time with her. I feel starved of love and affection. How do I express these feelings to her?

Feeling Unloved;This definitely seems unfair and a huge burden to bear. But the result of feeling unloved invariably leads to lower self-esteem. This, in turn, can result in clinginess, lack of confidence, and other personality traits,she sounds unattached,let her know u want to have a bond.since shes a guardian of urs let's just say Parent,ok;; Find the root cause of the problem, then solve it. The best thing you need to do is approach your parent and respectfully clarify the issue. get out and make friends; You have to have the courage, the right words and the self- control to not be too emotional. Tell your parent the following: I feel like you resent/reject me (site some instances when you felt this way), I want to know if I am right about it. If so, then I want to know why you behave that way towards me. What can we do together to make things better for us? The key here is openness, respect and self-control, otherwise this conversation will turn into an ugly, fiery argument. When a parent rejects a child, it's usually a combination of reasons that causes it. Most parents, even if they are controlling, dominating, or rejecting, actually do love their children. Even if you feel that's not true of your parents, and you feel completely unloved by one or both, you are a unique and worthwhile true to yourself, . It may hurt now, but later in life, you will cherish your individuality and all that makes you a unique person, and will realize that these traits do not make you undesirable - they only make it harder for you and your parents to connect.Talk out your feelings. It may have been repeated many times in other sources, but it does help. Talk it out. Talk to your parents and try to root out the problem. Or talk to a sibling or a close relative. If someone is willing to talk, there is always someone willing to listen. Some of the most caring people work at Child Line, or other similar resources. It sounds drastic, but Child Line is there for any child who feels upset. You can remain anonymous and just chat with them for some friendly advice. And if you don't want to actually verbally speak, go on the internet, whether at home or at an internet cafe, and talk to people here at the Discussion Page on this article. There are even folks who are willing to chat with you through wikiHow. Wait until there is a moment when you are sure you have their attention and tell her how much this bothers you. she might not even be aware they are doing this to you.good luck  

Expressing Yourself to Others

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communicating,relationships of any kind. One of the hardest things to do when you're communicating with someone is expressing yourself.Fret not I am here to give advice or and ask any questions, some people have a fear of expressing themselves at all. They're afraid to say something that might cost them a friendship. Or they bottle everything up tight and seize up at the mere thought of sharing their true emotions.Tips/advice/ 1.If you have a fear of people, people will avoid you. It's a vicious cycle. You avoid people because you fear that they will hurt you. People see your aloofness, and either think the worst (that you're stuck up), or grant your desire and leave you alone. Then you wonder why it is that no one likes you. 2.When you can't open up to people, people will feel that you are unapproachable. You'll have a hard time getting close to people when you bottle everything up inside. Your relationships will all be shallow. 3.Your inability to express yourself will haunt you in times of trouble. You'll need help, you'll want help, but you won't seek it. You'll hide. So, no one helps you. Then you grow resentful and angry. 4.Another danger is that of isolation. You build walls around your emotions and people instinctively leave you alone. That might be what you wanted at first, but your life will be barren, and empty. Life is relationships. The stronger your relationships the more joy you'll have in life. No matter if it is with your mate, God, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, relatives, or even yourself, you must learn to express yourself.How to Express Yourself More Clearly and Completely Social anxiety,shyness,low self esteem/confidence,motivation,encouragement ,how to overcome fear,how to express self;how to observe people in conversation carefully,


Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology; Words have meaning to us. Subtle differences in each word will convey a slightly different idea. Huge and gigantic have subtle differences,our actions[body language/ Words have the power to give life and death...especially in relationships. So it is important that you learn to express yourself. You must learn to convey your thoughts, ideas, dreams, ambitions, hopes and emotions to those that you share a relationship with. Your inability to do so, will damage your relationships.For years I have enjoyed helping people when it comes to any kind of communication

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