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Joe nobody wrote at 2011-09-04 20:16:21
yea umm this i would definitly like to hear an answer too i recently had almost exactly the same thing and certain performance issue's changed pretty dramatically after! making me question just how long it was actually there irritating.

Anonymous wrote at 2012-09-10 02:51:54
The same thing happened to me after a soccer match, it gave a terribly strong burning and stinging feeling especially when pulled it out. I can't come up with any reason that makes since. According to the Internet no one else can either, would someone please give an answer to this question.

IndioBravo wrote at 2012-09-24 01:21:57
I have no idea either, but it just happened to me. It did not hurt at all, but I feel confused about how a long hair (sure not mine, I hope my wife's) got there. We had sex about 14 hours ago, so my only explanation is that somehow, it got inside my urethra.

Mothy wrote at 2014-07-26 23:19:33
The same thing happened to me today! I have a UTI, just got back from the doctor yesterday and started on an antibiotic and phenazopyrid(which is a local anesthetic that make you pee orange). Anyways I'm freaked out because I'm blond and I peed out a 4-inch long piece of dark brown hair. I don't have dark brown hairs. WTF. I'm wondering if that medicine flushed it out or if it was what caused the UTI. There was a small white thing 3/4 down. I read somewhere else that someone saw that too. Probably buildup or the body trying to flush it out. Anyways, it's hard to find a relevant search so thankyou. I'm going to tell my doctor and I'll post again if I hear anything.

n1k3l wrote at 2015-09-17 18:31:59
If anyone has an answer to this is live hear it. A couple years ago I had a similar issue that started with intense pain engendering from my testicles wHich spotted me to my knees and an hour or so later after peeling I saw like a hair so I pulled it out wHich was around ten in or so wHich but pulling it out the aching feeling in my groin subsided.  I had it happen about a year ago again and am dealing with what I believe going through it again.  Doctor looks like I'm crazy and it's freaking me out.And when I was in teens I randomly started ejaculating blood and through a bunch of tests wHich never found the cause and my doctor time quit caring it seemed when it just stopped

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