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MaddMutt wrote at 2015-02-06 14:40:01
Dear Sir,

I'm also not a Urologist, but a nerve block is a simple procedure. I have had pain in my left testicle since 1992,(AGE 25) it was not until 2002 that the pain affected my quality of life. I saw a Urologist and after an intensive 20-30 min evaluation, he could not define the pain. I again tough it out until 2007, when I could now longer stand the pain. This time, I went to a different Urologist at a hospital. He did the same exam but at the end he offered options. The easiest one was a Spermatic Cord Block, instead of surgery. The Spematic Cord Block lasted for about 6 months before I need another shot. That has lasted for 7 years, now they no longer work. I Would love to have a permanent block, if the option was given. I currently only have the option of complete removal of the testicle.

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