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I seen a kidney specialist yesterday and my blood work up that he did showed i had good kidney function and in normal range 24 hour urine results showed i have kidney function of 65 % and my necrologist said that is within the normal range i am 5'0 and 96 lbs if that matters ..and  this is now 4 months after i had bile duct stones removed but before they was removed they was damaging my organs liver/kidneys ..i had acute kidney injury/failure so my question is if you know will my kidney function keep getting better likely? or am i at 65% for the rest of my life? and will i ever be able to have another baby with my kidney function at  65% assuming it stays there?


we are blessed with a lot more kidney function than we need.... so 65% is more than adequate.  If the injury to the kidneys was a "one time deal" and you still are at 65% and holding, then you will have a normal kidney life, provided that there aren't other attacks on the kidneys.......... and I don't see a problem with what you told me, about the pregnancy issue.  And you may continue to improve over time......

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