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My blood pressure is 85 over 56 and I was told I have a heart murmur.  I work out about 2 hours a day.  My doctors say that I am at a perfect weight for my height.  I am a size 4.

I have asthma, acid reflux and I am hypoglycemic.  I only take Qvar for my asthma and I changed my eating habits to organic food and I no longer take the Prevacid.

Should I be concerned about my low blood pressure?

if you are not dizzy when standing and your blood pressure is consistently this low, there is no immediate emergency, but it is possible there is something wrong.  Some hormone problems can cause the blood pressure to be low.  If you are dizzy then this should be addressed immediately, if not then followup with your doctor to make sure this is "normal" for you or a developing problem......

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