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Dr.Borucki. My parents parted when I was 2,1967.There was no contact with our Father after then so did not know the man. My Mother told us he died of cancer in 1981.
Following my Mother passing away in 2010 my eldest brother and myself have had some long chats about the family etc.He is 15 years older than me and therefore remembers our Dad and things about him which I am naturally interested in. One item left me with some concern I was told that he spent time in mental institutions and apparently underwent several procedures. My brother believes,not only shock treatment but also a form of labotomy.This was in the late 60's.I have some personal reasons for wanting to clarify this pertaining to my own health and am trying to find out if it is possible to gain access to my Fathers medical records or will they have been destroyed by now? If so any other way of tracking down this vital information?
I do hope you can point me in the correct direction.

Regards, Lynne

that may be a tough project.... different states have different laws regarding preservation of medical records, but no state has a law that says "keep them forever."   SC says keep them for 10 years in an adult.  

If the institution is still there, the primary source will yield the best results and they are more likely to have remote records than a doctor or doctor's office.  

Insurance companies, if applicable, would also be a good potential source, as they keep pretty meticulous records on billing, which can be backtracked to procedures done.

You may do some separate research on lobotomy procedures.... I do not believe that this procedure was continued into the 1960's, but may be wrong.   ECT "shock therapy" is still a valid treatment for severe resistant depression.  

Obviously, nothing was computerized from that era, so it will be tough to track, but it is possible those records are available from the primary institution.

Good luck with everything.......

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