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QUESTION: Is there a classification of drug or treatment called an anti-inflammatory or is that simply an effect of some chemicals? I was wondering if there is a way to overuse something that reverses inflammation? Like if my joints became stiff and inflammed if I could counter that effect without overdoing it, or maybe an inflamation of internal organs? I know pain killers can be abused, but how about anti-inflamatories?

ANSWER: anti inflammatories....  motrin type medicines work in this way.  The overuse of them is typically limited by stomach discomfort, stomach problems.  Once you get to maximum daily dosage, you don't really get additional pain or anti-inflammatory benefit.  They work well, and if the stomach is tolerating it, there isn't really a downside.

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QUESTION: How about for joints? And how something none pharmeceitical work in this way? I prefer natural remedies but worry even they can be overdone.

well, anything can be overdone.... I was talking about joints, muscle pain primarily for the anti-inflammatories.... the natural remedies probably don't do much..... and are similar... aspirin is a relatively natural product first obtained by chewing on leaves.... the motrin type meds are the next generation that work through this mechanism.  

Anything can be overdone, but reasonable use is safe and pretty effective.

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