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Is there any such thing as being "pre-diabetic?" I don't know if I have any family history of it, but I was wondering if there is a way of knowing whether or not I am intaking too much sugar, or if I am displaying symptoms of being "nearly" diabetic. Are there blood tests for this type of thing?

we have modified what we consider diabetic over the last 15-20 years.    It used to be over 130, then 120, then 100 blood sugars.

There are many people with glucose intolerance.... meaning their sugars go up with a meal then right back down.  The normal insulin loop provides tight control of blood sugar.... keeping it at 70-99 blood sugar despite meals.....   when this mechanism starts failing.... that is pre-diabetic.   

I tend to check a blood sugar 2 hours after a big meal and if that is creeping up.... 120 or so, then that gives me an idea that someone is having glucose intolerance, or pre-diabetic.    That is usually related to their weight and their excessive carbohydrate intake.   

If that is happening... tightening up on diet.... no simple sugars, limiting carbohydrate intake usually works very well.   Weight loss, exercise is important.  

HBA1C is the three month average blood sugar, but isn't very sensitive to identify this group of people... it is typically normal or minimally elevated.  

For the most part, pre-diabetic people have a lot of options if they are willing to modify their diets.

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