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Dr. Borucki,

Thank you for your time.  I am a 37 year old woman.  Once in a while when I am walking I get a light-headed feeling and also feel flushed.  I have a history of low blood pressure.  Lately it has been normal.  What are things that could cause low blood pressure?  How low would warrant a trip to the doctor?  Thank you.

If someone has low blood pressure in general, we check a few things like thyroid tests, some other hormone tests possibly, and blood counts...  if those are normal, then it usually is just the way they are put together.... and monitor it.... being a little low is good, but if it gets too low then you get the lightheaded symptoms.....

I don't care as much about the actual bp numbers but the symptoms... has there been fainting, or just a little lightheadedness when standing quickly........  

Good luck with it....

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