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I had my third child 3 months ago.  Since having her, I have been having GI issues.  These include: tender area in lower abdomen, chronic nausea, excessive salivation, burning in stomach area, excessibe belching and more recently, a bad taste in my mouth.  I also have tender spots along my spine and at the base of my ribs (mostly the right one) and generalized abdominal pain that comes and goes.  I have had several tests.  Last year I had an abdominal MRI which was normal.  Since these symptoms started, I have had a normal colonoscopy and stomach scope, 2 abdominal ultrasounds, normal PAP, normal pelvic ultrasound and tons of blood work.  My abdominal ultrasounds found mild fatty liver, which my doc said was probably due to the weight gain from my pregnancy.  My liver enzymes were mildly elevated, but have since returned to normal.  I also have a mildly enlarged spleen, but have had this for years. My urine test showed elevated amylase, but serum amylase was normal.  All other blood labs (CBC, Kidney function, Liver function, etc) were normal.  
My doctor said he pretty much ruled out everything and said it's likey due to IBS/GERD and stress/anxiety (I have 3 kids).  I was ready to accept this, but i remember reading somewhere that amylase levels are related to the pancreas and I am wondering if there is any chance something could be wrong with my pancres (such as cancer??) which was missed in the tests and which is causing my symptoms.  I dont want to go back to my doctor, as I doubt he will listen to me anymore.  Do you think I should be concerned due to the urine amylase levels?

Thanks for listening

amylase comes from many organs, not just the pancreas, so it is a pretty non-specific test.   I assume you had a plain urine sample to look for infection also.  It sounds like you had a pretty instensive workup for this.....   so, no, I wouldn't be worried about urinary amylase..... I think they are right....stress, ibs... possible food intolerances..... good luck with everything.

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