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i started having mild panic attacks in the evening a couple of months ago but there were controllable, last night I was woken from my sleep with one that lasted about 45 min, my throat felt like it was closing up, rapid hr, tightness in chest and sob, my mom came over and stayed the night, now today i still feel something is wrong my hr is staying 118-120 and im still having alil tightness, im 32 yrs old and the only meds I take are pravastain ortho tri cyclen.. i did have a dec4 and linc shot yesterday for sinus problems but other than that nothing. thank you

couple concerns... the dec4?  I guess steroid shot... that can cause weird things...  sometimes weird dreams, anxiety.

If linc is lincocin (antibiotics) that really doesn't help much.

I would also check thyroid tests to make sur you don't have hyperthyroidism and check a blood count for anemia...... I hope this helps....

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