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I work a regular job 8-9 hours a day and work a part time job 4-7 hours more.  I do this about 4 days a week and typically work 8 hours on Sat and sometimes Sunday.  I have done this for abut 10 years.  I have noticed a steady decline of my ability to focus, proofread and short term memory.
Can the lack of sleep cause permanent physical/brain damage to me?  Besides quitting the second job, what are the best ways to neutralize the effects and improve my focus/memory?

not permanent damge, but as you age, you can't necessarily keep up the same pace....   I did this for years, working in emergency rooms sometimes 24 hour shifts and simply can't do it anymore.  

This may be sleep related.... if you want to optimize things (trying without changing the schedule)  you can try stopping alcohol (if you drink), getting some type of regular exercise, 20 minutes most days of the week, but you may find that you need a little more down time that you are allowing yourself.

You didn't discuss your sleep patterns, and it may take a little more sleep possibly......

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