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What does it take to be a medical doctor, and what inspires most that become doctors to do so? I assume a strong interest in human biology? I myself am in school right now to become a lab technician, and even in my first semester going only 6 credit hours I am bombarded with terms that are confusing in and of themselves, and many of them sound very similar to one another. I probably have a 90 to 95 average in chemistry class, but I am worried I might lack the interest and drive to be any good in biology. The only things in biology that seem to interest me are the variations of living things and the animal kingdom, evolution, human behavior, and the bare necessities for life. Beyond that I don't like to learn about the millions of possible ways people can die. lol. I haven't yet taken the biology class required for this major, but two of the classes I am taking make biology references that I have never been introduced to. Like how in detail metabolism works, or what substances exist in blood, or what exactly Blood Urea Nitrogen is or means for a person. Perhaps my teacher is simply not thorough and the other students are in a similar world of concern as well. Why do people get into medicine other than for money (which seems to be the only industry that is always hiring and paying quite well)? Are there medical doctors that don't like biology that much? lol. Anything you can tell me that will make me feel better about a 2 year program for examining people's pee, poo, blood, and other excreations?

different motivations for different people...  with any field, there are people who enter it for different reasons... some enter and remain at low level, basic knowledge jobs and some enter and get highly trained and advance through the ranks....   there isn't a magic recipe for medicine and all it's facets....   the most important thing is to figure out what excites you.... the happiest people enjoy what they do and gravitate to work they enjoy..... that is the tough part in figuring it out.....

A lot of medicine is "gross" when looked at by society.......  

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