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I work in a supermarket full time lifting heaving things on a daily basis I'm 27 years old female not over weight I'm right handed my left shoulder feels very tight and clunks a lot I get tingling down my arm if I try and rub the shoulder myself it clunks a lot I've had deep tissue massages which gives me relif for a few hours but then the tension comes back I've been to my doctor she says its just wear and tear with my job but I'm only 27! I'm just asking what causes the tightness and clunking and is there anything I can do to make it go away oh just thought of another symptom if I arch my Back so my shoulders are straight they both cluck and will continue until I relax. Thank you

I am not sure what clunking is.... whether it is signifying that you are subluxing (partially dislocating) a shoulder or whether it is bursitis in the shoulder.  I assume you have tried some easy exercises and a good course of anti-inflammatory meds.  Depending on what is found, sometimes a steroid injection may be helpful.

I agree though, simple wear and tear is a little unreasonable at your age......

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