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I get constipated whenever I eat meat (mostly chicken). It probably started when I turned 35, a year back.

I usually take meat on a Friday night. Have a bad weekend and by Monday I am back on track. I get very hard motion on the next morning and only partial (only 20% or so) evacuation.

I am fine on the other days. Does this mean I should avoid meat altogether. I my system is no longer able to handle meat? Are these periodic disturbances in the digestive system going to hurt me in the long run?

Thank you for taking time to answer my question.

it won't hurt you, just some uncomfortable time every week.....   your choice would be to avoid meat, but if you don't want to do that, why don't you try some Miralax.... maybe a capful (which is a couple tablespoons or so) on the same day that you eat the meat.... that should counteract your constipation and should work.... you might have to adjust the dose up or down, but usually works really well.

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