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Good evening,
I recently read about toxoplasmosis that humans can catch from cats fecal matter, but the info was on outside cats, can one still catch this from indoor cats if they are not consuming mice, rats , or any other type of raw meat. I have several indoor cats which means alot of litter clean up and sometimes there are messes that end up elsewhere in the house. Two of the cats have long fur and sometimes messes stick to them , what can a human catch from a cats fecal matter. I dont like to use dangerous chemicals for cleaning this up since alot of cleansers can harm animals. I usually use a pet friendly cleanser, but i am not sure if its actually killing any of the germs. I am currently using a product i bought from a pet store called PawGanics. Just wondering if i should be concerned about on human illnesses caused by indoor cat fecal matter. Thank you for any advice.

first of all, if you consider all the people that have cats..... it isn't easy to catch toxo.....   

The biggest risk of toxo is to people who are pregnant (birth defects) and to people who have immune system problems..... Classic example... AIDS.   Normally we can fight/suppress this infection if our immune system is intact and we do get exposed.

If you are not in these categories, then simple good hygiene (if that is possible with small animals) meaning keepng their litter box clean (not allowing things to sit for days) and good handwashing around any work done in that area....

I hope this helps...

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