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My son [15] has marked bradycardia, HR  around 40, sinus rhythm with 2 syncopes. We are trying to find the cause, everything has come back normal except a Vit D deficiency of 10. Do you see a connection???



You may find the following interesting:

There is apparently a connection between VitD and HR to some degree if it affects calcium absorption and serum calcium levels.  After reading the cut/paste below you can read more about Vitamin D at:

From Internet article:

the following was written by Dr. Chizorom Ebisike, MD

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin synthesized in the skin under direct sunlight; it is also obtained from ingested food. Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of intestinal calcium; lack of vitamin D results in reduced calcium absorption and therefore low blood calcium. In the heart, the pacemaker cells determine the rate of heart contractions; pacemaker cells are driven by calcium. Adequate blood calcium is required for the heart to function efficiently.

The complex interplay between organs involved in calcium regulation emphasizes the need for optimal levels of calcium in the blood; simply put, calcium is vital. Most of the body's calcium resides in bone and a small percentage in blood. Organs involved in calcium regulation include the thyroid, parathyroid, kidneys and intestines. The thyroid gland releases calcitonin to counteract the increase of calcium in the blood. The parathyroid gland release parathyroid hormone when blood calcium is low. The kidneys are involved in vitamin D activation and the regulation of calcium excretion, which is mediated by parathyroid hormone.

The normal heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats per minute, or bpm. A heart rate below 60 bpm is called bradycardia or a slow heart rate; when above 100 bpm, the heart rate is tachycardic or fast. High blood calcium accelerates the heart rate, whereas low blood calcium slows the heart rate. Cycles of full contractions and relaxations are necessary for effective movement of blood through the heart; calcium prevents the heart from contracting while heart chambers fill with blood.

There are dairy and non-dairy sources of calcium. Dairy sources of calcium include plain yogurt, pasteurized Swiss cheese, pasteurized American cheese, provolone cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and milk. Non-dairy sources of calcium include calcium-fortified cereals, sardines, pink salmon, collards, oatmeal and tofu. Adequate levels of vitamin D may be achieved by sufficient exposure to direct sunlight. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, the amount of vitamin D synthesis under direct sunlight cannot be predicted by a person's geographic location because other factors such as skin pigmentation, sunscreen and time day are involved. Dietary sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna fish, cod liver oil, vitamin D-fortified orange juice, margarine, milk and eggs.

The kidneys are essential in the metabolism of vitamin D; they convert vitamin D to its active form. Kidney disease poses great danger to the heart not only by interfering with vitamin D activation and calcium absorption but by fluid overload, which results from decreased urine formation. The slowed excretion of ions such as potassium and magnesium in kidney disease can also interfere with normal heart function.

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