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Hi I'm 16 years old and my mom is obsessed with my weight.  I'm 5'4" tall and currently weight 120lbs (even though my mom says 125), I've only gained five pounds but I don't care much.  My mom complains about my weight always saying I need to lose weight and that I have a big belly (I don't).  She says I need to be like her when she was my age which is like only 100lbs, but she was (is) shorter than me and that would be unhealthy for me; but she wants me to lose 20lbs!!!  I can't do that, that's very unhealthy, to my grandparents, siblings, boyfriend, and friends I look good... so why can't she accept that!  I just want to be able to talk and explain to her without getting into a fight and her beating me or something... thanks

if you are comfortable with your weight, that is what counts, especially as you transition from child to adult.... try not to argue, just discuss......   that puts your BMI... body mass index at 20.6   which is right smack in the middle of normal.... 15-25

so I agree with you.....

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