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My niece has been sick for over a week, with high temperature. Today in a private clinic we did her the blood test. She had no cold, no flu, just high temperature. The esr showed 110, the dr was shocked, so were we. He repeated the test again, but again it showed 110. He said that we should do also the urine test tomorrow morning to give a better diagnose of what the problem might be. But we are really worried, she might have something bad! She eats and plays normaly. She is only restless when she has high temperature.

you didn't give any other information..... a 1 year old... I would be taking a close look and consider infection as the first potential problem... a sed rate (esr) that high could be infection, or some inflammatory disease.... this child needs to be rechecked if they are looking OK, and needs to be in the hospital if they are looking sick......

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