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Hello Dr. Borucki,

This question may seem simple, but has come up many times.
When a Physician writes a patient has a "history of", what exactly does this mean?  
Does this mean:
A.  A person has a "history of" having(only)one blood clot in their lifetime -- "history of" blood clots (following a medical procedure).
OR Does this mean:
B.  A person has had a "history of" having more than one, or several, blood clots in their lifetime.

Again, this may seem simple, but has caused confusion with Physicians.  After looking at records I hear, "you have a history of....".  I explain, "no, I've only had one and that was following a medical procedure".  Hearing this, the Physicians always respond --"oh that makes a difference".
I'm beginning to wonder if I should have my medical records corrected to reflect accuracy.  Could you please tell me what a "history of" actually means in medical terms.  

history of means that this has previously occurred in that person... it doesn't specify a time period.   It doesn't specify the frequency either, just that it has occurred in this patient.  With a blood clot... a spontaneous one (without known cause) carries a little different weight that if it occurs as a consequence of immobilization from surgery......

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