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My mother had a stroke a few years ago and has been on blood thinners since then. We've been told that she should avoid cranberries and cranberry juice because of the vitamin K which tends to interfer with blood thinners. Today she had eyelid surgery because her eyelids were flipping inside (which I'm told isn't uncommon when some people get older), and strangely enough when we went in to see her afterwards the nurses had her drinking cranberry juice. Does that seem like a mistake on their part? I mean yes she hadn't eatten or drank anything for 20 hours (closer to 15 had the surgery started on time), but of all the choices, why the one thing that interfers with her meds?

Also I wanted to ask about circulation. This isn't related to my mother. I was wondering what harm there is in standing on ones head or sitting upside down? What makes it best to be right-side up? I would think the body will always do what it must to push the blood where it is needed?

first, your mom....  I assume you are talking about coumadin/warfarin, because Vitamin K affects that....   they probably got her off coumadin temporarily with skin surgery and will restart.  It isn't critical to avoid all cranberry juice... it is important week to week to be consistent with all vitamin K foods, like green leafy vegetable... you don't want to avoid them for a month then eat a lot or the medical therapy will be fluctuating.

Upside down...  the body has developed physiologically to work best right side up.... the problem is the blood gets to the head easier but has trouble returning to the chest a little.  The lower extremity muscles help push blood up to the chest from the legs.  You can tolerate it for a while but it will overall decrease circulation to the brain.....

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