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I think I may have a very serious problem that has plagued me for more than a year now.
The biggest problem is that I have no medical insurance and not enough funds to see a doctor about it.
Iíve been looking into finding a low cost clinic in the area.

I am a 51 year old male.

About five years ago I noticed the hair on my legs started to fall out.
It was exactly the same on both legs. Same area and same spot on both legs on my lower calves.
I didnít think much of it and thought it might be alopecia as I have had Vitiligo since I was 13 years old . The hair kept shedding slowly over the years up to my knees and outside thighs.

About 15 months ago as the weather change from fall to winter and was starting to get cold while sitting in a heated house I noticed my legs above the knees started to get very cold.
I thought well I need to put my long under wear on. After doing so there was no difference.
The longer I would sit the more cold my legs would feel.
That night when lying down to sleep I noticed my whole legs would get cold to the touch.
My whole body gets cold but my legs are what bother me the most.
Using more blankets didnít help. If I get up and walk around my legs warm up.
Within a few weeks I started getting very mild pain in the outer sides of both my thighs.
Just a small area same place on both sides.
I started walking every evening and the pain seemed to go away.
Within two months while lying in bed I felt an electrical tingling in my right calve.
Woke up the next morning with that same feeling all over both my legs.
It is more like a feeling of someone touching me with something cold.
Sometimes it is more intense and feels like a bee sting.
I figured this had to have something to due with cigarette smoking so I decided to quit.
I have been smoking for 35 years and it took me a six month struggle to finally totally quit.
After a few more months I started getting tingling numbness in my finger tips and that cold touch feeling
All over my body but mostly my legs.
When I lay down to sleep all the tingling cold touch numbness disappears after awhile except the cold feelings.
I often wake up and my hands will be numb also.
When I wake up in the morning and stand up and walk around all the feelings slowly return.

I though well maybe I have peripheral artery disease because my Father has a history of it.
But Iím not sure as my symptoms are not the same as my Fathers except for the leg hair loss.
My Father couldnít even walk a block without having to stop because of severe pain in his calves.
His leg hair loss didnít start till years after his walking pain started.
My Dad did have stents put in and can walk farther without pain but still gets it.
I do get some aches and cramps which are more when Iím not moving around and gets better when I walk.
I walk every night rain or shine at least 3 miles or more non stop and a few times I went for day time hikes for 8 to 10 miles.
This cold tingling feeling is just getting too much as I can only sit for maybe an hour then have to walk around to warm up my legs. They get such a cold feeling as if they are burning.
I am unable to relax for any real amount of time and itís been that way for more than a year.
I also thought I may have a thyroid problem as like I mentioned that I have vitiligo and know the two are related also. Also my Mother had low thyroid function.
I have always had mild fatigue pretty much all my life.
I also noticed very pronounced vertical ridges on my finger nails which started around the same time as my leg hair loss.
My eye sight started getting bad around the same time also.
And I can feel that my thyroid feels somewhat enlarged when I touch it and swallow.
Iím sure this has something to do with my circulation but I think itís from more than just smoking.
Can you lose hair from just your legs from a thyroid problem?
Or do you think I might have diabetes or maybe another autoimmune disease from these symptoms IĎve described?
I'm very depressed and not happy with my life anymore.
I'm desperate to find an answer.

well, you aren't going to find an answer until you get things checked.... I think thyroid or B12 deficiency is a possibility.  

Check with your local free clinic or programs that can refer you to a govt subsidized clinic..... they can start the evaluation and get things diagnosed.

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