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   I am wondering if you can tell me, what route
To take.
Three weeks ago, I had a huge surgery involving
Taking out the out hip replacement and replacing
It with a new one. I have been on warafin blood
Thinner for three weeks. Yesterday, I switched
Over to aspirin 325 twice a day.
Everything was going good until last night. I lost
My balance and in order not to hit my hip, I twisted
And hit my head hard.  I had a hard bump the size
Of my palm on the back of my head. The only problem I
had was a headache So I iced all night. Other than a
headache from bouncing My head off a tile floor.  
But no other symptoms.
Should I be worried, if so what time frame do I not
Have to worry? Do I stop the aspirin? Thank you
For your time I realize you have not seen this injury
But in your expertise how can I handle this injury
At home without going into the clinic? I have been icing
It which did bring the swelling done slightly
Just have a headache.

the blood thinners, aspirin or coumadin/warfarin put you at higher risk to bleed... the bleeding on the scalp is annoying but we worry about bleeding in the head..... if you have given it a day or two, and nothing happened, then you are probably OK.... (assuming you feel ok now) I would continue regular treatment... ice, 20 minutes on, at least 2 hours off for a couple of days and let it resolve..... I hope this helps....

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