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Monday I went to the ER with a diagnosis of fractured ribs, sent home with a prescription for Vicodin.  Wednesday night I was hit suddenly with a bad cough.  Have not slept since except maybe a couple hours per night.  Symptoms are vicious cough every few minutes with brown mucus, stuffed sinuses, fever which alternates between chills and sweating profusely- there is no middle ground, and I cannot eat.  Thursday morning the ER called in a prescription for Codeine to take with the Vicodin.  It helped a little, less coughing and fever, but not enough for me to believe it was in my best interests.  Went to the ER again Saturday morning as the pain is intense and I need to sleep- I have four children.  I thought I may have the flu and asked to be swabbed.  This doctor said no, sent me home with a diagnosis of Bronchitis and prescription of Diclofen and Benzonatate.  This is not working.  I cannot stop coughing.  I am at the end of my rope- I have not slept or eaten, and the pain is unbearable.  I don't know what to do.  I am miserable.  Please give me some advice.  I am a healthy individual who has no medical problems or family history of, I have never even had the flu.  I have been drinking a couple quarts of water and a few quarts of green tea with added antioxidants and vitamin c, and eating a few bites of food here and there daily.

it does sound like you have the flu.... you may have gotten it waiting to be seen for the ribs.....   The Vicodin is as good a cough suppressant as you can get....   keep using that... if that doesn't cover pain there are other stronger pain meds...... I hope this helps....

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