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Hi Dr. Borucki,
I took my 9 year old daughter to the dr for tiredness she had been complaining of for about 3 weeks. Highly unusual for her. The dr did some labs... CBC, CMP, Thyroid, Vit D, Vit B12.
Here are some results that concern me:
Vit B12        1705 pg/mL  (213-816)
ALP          227 U/L     (35-123)
Total Protein  8.4 g/dL    (6.4-8.3)
Albumin        5.2 g/dL    (3.5-5.0)
BUN          19 mg/dL    (7-18)

The dr said everything looked fine, then I got these in the mail. The ALT and AST look to be normal, as well as the blood cell count. I have looked up some information about high B12 levels and found causes such as liver, leukemia, blood disorders, etc. She only takes a children's vitamin, not any  B12 supplements. The past few days she has also complained of forceful beats "every now and then" of her heart and burning over the left side under her lower ribs. I am planning on calling the dr, but he said everything is fine, so I am a bit worried about what to ask for. I think we need to look into this further. She has had a history of kidney malformations, but we just saw her kidney dr and her kidney seems to be doing well. She also had brittle bones as a baby from failure to thrive from which they took an enormous amount of xrays and imaging. Her bones are better as of a few years ago according to a dexa scan. I hope you can point me in the right direction. Many thanks...

The high B 12 level is not indicating any disease process.....   if you held the vitamins it would come down, but there is no reason to......

The alk phos test (ALP) even tho high is so non-specific that without particular gastrointestinal problems, doesn't help........

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