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My husband has had a large bulge in left side.  It comes and goes and the only discomfort he feels is when his pants rub on the skin.  Other then that no pain.  It is really soft but firm enough to notice it.  My husband use to be obese.  Through working out and eating healthy he lost 100 lbs. ( no surgery or medications ) .  But the bulge didn't show up the first time for almost a year after he lost the weight.  Could this of been from his weight loss?  He doesn't have any other medical conditions.  He still keep a good diet and exercise.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Angie

From your description, hard to tell exactly where it is.... but this could be a residual lipoma.... a hunk of fatty tissue that is persisting after weight loss or could be a hernia.  I would get it looked at.... lipomas can be removed easily, usually for cosmetic reasons, hernias should be fixed because often they will worsen.

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