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I have a history of lower back problems. An MRI revealed that I have a bulging disc at L3-L4 a herniation at L4-L5 and another bulging disc at L5-S1. For a long time I also had pain going down my left leg especially behind my knee. Rather than have surgery I opted to seek treatment from a chiropractor.

I have been doing great until Saturday. I am not sure what I did then, my back didn't spasm it just began to hurt. Now my left leg is going numb and it hurts to use the bathroom. But the strange thing (to me) is that my left ovary seems to hurt as well.

Is that just coincidence, can my back pain cause my ovary to hurt? The date of my last period of 11/30, they come every 25-30 days I also have a small ovarian cyst.


Hurting to use the bathroom.... I would have the urine checked to make sure a urinary infection is not aggravating the situation... but the leg symptoms sound much more like low back pain syndrome.  There are a lot of options to help, but you need to get very serious about a back program to strengthen what you have and not damage additional discs.......

Good  luck with everything....

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