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I know you can't diagnose online but I am looking for a bit of advice.
I went to the Dr. about a year ago because of shoulder pain.  I have it from time to time, the shoulder that causes me problems is "high" because I have scoliosis.  Seems to get worse in the cold weather and around PMS time when it acts up. A year or so ago when I went to the Dr. he took an x-ray and nothing showed up.  I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with a specialist.
What is going on now is it again hurts and it pops and I have a numb or almost burning feeling under my arm and on my chest. Sometimes it goes down into my arm and hand.  
What can I do for the discomfort to get me by?  Does this sound like a pinched nerve? I have had my husband rub cream on it and I have taken some ibuprofen, if it helps it is very minimal.  My neck on both sides hurt too. Thanks.

a plain xray was gonna be normal.... that would show a fracture or dislocation....

this sounds like a joint injury such as a rotator cuff tear or labrum tear..... since it has been going on a long time... it depends how bad it is.  If regular motrin doesn't help, it would be reasonable to try a steroid injection.  If that doesn't help, then possibly an MRI and referral to an orthopedist.

Good luck with it....

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