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Hi Dr. Borucki, I have a question concerning splinters, first aid and tetanus.  I had gotten a wooden (maybe it was bamboo, looks like that) splinter into the palm of my hand while handling some furniture.  I pulled it out using my hand, a drop of blood came out after, washed my hand with soap and water, and hand sanitized the area after.  I have had tetanus shots growing up (childhood or infancy ones you get, one in high school, and most recently the Tdap July 2012).  Do I need to be concerned about tetanus here in this situation, or am I being paranoid?  Thank you.

I think you have done everything well......  up to date on TDAP, good initial first aid.  The key is that you got all the wood out and then you need a little luck that no infection develops...........  your tdap was only a few months ago.... why would you be concerned?   

Hope this helps.

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