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QUESTION: What is the appendix responsible for? I had mine out a couple years ago when I was 30 or so and since then I feel small sharp pains when I eat anything fatty. Is that the nature of what is now gone or the nature of surgery being imperfect and my organs now being a little twisted and not as linear and smoothly connected as they used to be?

ANSWER: The appendix is a little outpouching of the intestine and we don't know why it is there.... except to give surgeons practice when it gets infected..... There are some theories developmentally, but we really don't know....... I doubt if eating fatty causing some pain has anything to do with the appendix or the surgery......   I would wonder about gallstones.

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QUESTION: I've heard gall stones are extremely painful and this is fairly mild and very temperory. What makes you think that might be the case, and at what ages are gall stones a problem? 32 wouldn't be too young?

gall stones can be extremely painful, but can be chronic and recurrent with their symptoms.

A fatty meal sends a signal to the gallbladder to contract and that could cause pain.... that is what directed me to that possibility.....

In general over 40 is a risk factor for gallstones, but they can occur at any age, and not that unusual to see them in teens, twenties, etc.

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