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Good evening doctor, I am curious as to how often one should have a complete blood test (cbc) to check for any iron/anemic issues. I think the last two times i had a cbc everything came back fine, i usually wait a year or so to redo my blood work. Is that too long to wait to have a cbc to check for any iron level problems?

I am a vegetarian of 7yrs and know this can lower iron levels, but dont remember having any blood work come back that indicated any issues with my iron.

How fast can ones iron levels drop, how often should i check them via cbc test. Is waiting a year or more a bad thing to do if my last levels where fine  thank you

Part of this is age dependent, but I think a conservative approach would be to check it yearly unless you are having problems.   How fast do iron levels drop?  It depends on the cause of the anemia..... if it is rectal bleeding that is severe... from an ulcer, it can be fast.... days.... if it is a slow process.... months.... but checking it annually or if you have any symptoms is reasonable.

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