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Hello...this past Friday morning, I awoke with what I think is a muscle spasm or strain in my right shoulder blade area, which I've had before on either side. I stretched a certain way hoping it would go back into place but this made it worse and tighter and extremely sore deep in my shoulder blade and down my ribs in the back and into my hip bone. I also had a little bit of stomach issues after having nothing but coffeee that morning and a little bit of cramping but subsided after using the restroom. Then later that afternoon around 4:30pm, I had a repeat of the lower abdomen cramping and had to use the restroom. Was not diarrhea but was looser than usual. After that, I had no more cramping as of today. But the soreness/stiffness in my right shoulder blade is still there and even though it's better, it's still very uncomfortable and whenever I take a deep breath, it aggravates it. When it first started last Friday, it was very difficult to take a deep breath. Today, there's the soreness and maybe a deep mild burning sensation in the area. I feel it's probably muscle related, and I haven't had any nausea at fever. But I've heard that my symptoms can also be related to gallstones or gall bladder issues ? What do you think ? Thanks !

it is possible you have two problems going on with a muscle strain/spasm in the back and a little gastrointestinal bug.    I don't see enough symptoms to really suspect that you have gall bladder symptoms yet.... I would go on clear liquids for a day and some tylenol/advil and see how it goes.

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