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QUESTION: My infant daughter has this.  Our ped. Told us it would self correct by one, it hasn't. She falls frequently, her feet turn in, her ankles turn, a PT referred us to a ped. surgeon, she laughed us out of her office.  Now we're lost, the PT said it de. Needed mild -moderate intervention, the surgeon said she was normal.

What are we suppose to do now

ANSWER: If you are concerned, I would ask to see a pediatric orthopedist.  Often there would be no intervention until a certain age because this usually corrects itself.  You didn't give an age, but infant implies less than a year and there is no way to tell whether this will get better until she starts walking.  I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Well she's 17 months old and has been walking since she 9.5 months.  Sorry I should have said toddler.  Are there pediatric orthopedics that aren't surgeons?  The surgeon at the local children's hospital was very condescending towards us yesterday and we were only there because the PT referred us there.  We see our daughter walk every day and are concerned with what we see.  We'd also like to try conservative measures if possible now, stretching, braces, orthopedics, instead of waiting until age 5 and casting.

Oh and I should say the PT that referred us spent 45 mins observing her the pediatric orthopedic surgeon spent 30 seconds.

I don't know I don't like being labeled the crazy mom and was just looking for some advice.

orthopedists are surgeons, some specialize in pediatrics.

You are right to expect decent respectful care from a doctor....   I would ask for another pediatric orthopedist and ask them for good advice that should take 10 minutes, not 30 seconds.

The ortho has different training than the PT specialist and knows what needs surgical correction, or orthotic (brace/cast) correction or what should simply be outgrown.

I hope you find one that has some better training in how to deal with children and families.... because the care you received is not appropriate.... we have 2 wonderful ones in Columbia SC and that would not have happened here.....  

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